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Let go, enjoy, explore, and relax

Bali - 3 days
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Daily Balinese yoga & meditation sessions Daily village cultural activities (every day different activities) Village style daily meals (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) Balinese music class (gamelan) Trekking inside village 2 nights accommodation


Bali Green Retreats open the access to the one of the oldest spiritual ashram in the world, which still conserves the original 13 types of yoga as how it is created thousands of years ago in the Himalayas, as well open the access to learn Traditional Balinese Meditation Nowadays, these 13 types of original yoga are only available in Mount Batukaru, Tabanan, Bali. As there are many contemporary types of yoga at the moment, Bali Green Retreat is committed to hosting yoga in their original type. The 13 original types of yoga consist of yoga Surya, yoga Chandra, yoga Siva, yoga Vishnu, yoga Brahma, yoga Isvara, and more. Each type of yoga consists of different type of sequence.


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