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01/12/2019 30/09/2020

Learn to cope with life’s challenges here

India - 29 days
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Therapeutic yoga sessions Daily yoga, breathing, meditation session Ayurvedic Satvic wellness diet & doctor’s consultations Body measurements, vital signs, & composition analysis 1 stress management workshop during retreat A constant monitoring throughout your stay Body type-based vegetarian meals 28 nights of accommodation


Your lives might have become fast and full of distractions. By the time you've hit the 60s, you've been through marriages, careers, and children. You’ve had a lot of wins and a lot of losses. The physical forces are fading, the muscular structure is diminishing. Great spiritual progress in burning out the last Prarabdha Karmas, even those that did not manifest in this life, can be accomplished at this time. This should be the slowing-down period, yet still being active in the mental, emotional, sociological, political, ecological arenas. You’ve probably wondered a thousand times, what is the purpose of all this, anyway? Crafted for your precious senior years on planet Earth and eternal blossoming, join this retreat to find the answer and learn to cope with life’s challenges.


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