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Learn to be meditative in every moment

India - 98 days
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Online meditation & mindfulness training 14 online sessions of 90 - 120 minutes each 60 - 90 minutes of self-practice each day for 14 weeks Online sessions' timezone: Indian Standard Timezone (UTC +05:30) Additional support is also provided throughout course via email if needed Live online sessions will be held over Skype


Before you start reading the text below, try to make a list of the five most important things to you in your life, things that are most valuable/precious to you at this point of your life. Now take a look at the list and choose how many of these items in the list can go with you after you die? All the enlightened masters of the past and present say that the really valuable/precious item is that which nobody can give to you neither can it be taken away by anyone, not even death can take it away from you. So, the question is, do you really have something with you that even death cannot take away?


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