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01/12/2020 31/12/2020

Learn meditation as a way of life

Europe - 4 days
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The teaching of breathing Silence sitting & renewal of neural communication A guided meditation that releasing old forms & emotions  Social meditations that bringing meditation into your interaction Mindful yoga that goes beyond posture 3 nights accommodation 2 vegan meals daily


When we quiet the inner movement of the mind, we enter the life field, our mind is clear, our body is happy, our heart is right and the sky is the limit. This retreat is a multi-layer experience of meditation in sitting, standing, walking, dancing, relaxing, eating, working, relating, creating your life! Finding your freedom to observe your struggles and discover your gifted energy behind. The meditation practice will be supported with yoga to prepare the body for sitting, to prepare the mind to rest, with breathing, pranayama, and concentration practice. Finding our nature of an empty mind and practicing different ways throughout the day! The retreat fit for all levels, great for the ones that commit them-self to free out from stress and achieve greater inner peace, health, love, relationship, inspiration, creativity, and freedom to be where ever they are with their full heart.


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