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01/10/2020 31/10/2020

Journey to the heart of Shakti

Europe - 12 days
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Kundalini yoga Tantra meditation Yantra that enhances effects of meditation Yagna (meditation session with fire) Vegetarian brunch & dinner 11 nights accommodation


According to the tantric tradition of India, this period of Navaratri is the optimal time for establishing a connection with the divine energy. Anyone who wishes to accelerate their inner evolution will benefit. The practice is accessible to everyone. Tantra is a direct way to open your life to a deeper level without having to control and withdraw yourself from normal activities. The meditation blossoms in a mystical way when the process aligns you with the most subtle energies of life. 12 or 8 days? The complete retreat is 12 days but as a service to those who are limited in time, the retreat is open for 8 days as well. Come and you will receive great benefits.


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