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15/08/2020 25/08/2020

Journey into the Heart of Being

Bali - 11 days
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Daily yoga Nidra practices History, philosophy, & development of yoga Nidra Pranayama techniques (for soothing, calming, settling) The Science of Sleep: Neuroscience & brain wave activity behind Yoga Nidra & how practice can rewire neural pathways to help combat trauma, stress & negative self-beliefs How to create your own Yoga Nidra: cultivate your own unique & creative Yoga Nidra experiences Native & Celtic medicine wheel & nature-based teachings Shamanic journeying & trusting inner guidance Chef prepared organic vegetarian meals 10 nights accommodation


Set yourself apart as a yoga teacher, therapist, coach, counselor, or holistic health professional by utilizing the powerful technique of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) with your students, your clients, and your own self-care. %Supported by modern neuroscience, this ancient practice induces profound mental, physical and emotional restoration, unwinds stress and tension in the nervous system, heals trauma, and reconnects you to the deep presence and underlying peace that’s always alive and awake within you. %Somah Journeys' Yoga Nidra teacher training Bali offers practices grounded in nature-based and shamanic teachings, for a fully integrated, soulful approach to this full-body, conscious relaxation process.


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