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01/04/2020 30/11/2020

It's time to heal... mind, body and soul

Ecuador - 3 days
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2 nights accommodation Full board (special ayahuasca diet) Round trip transportation to & from Quito 2 ayahuasca ceremonies Conscious hiking of medicinal plants Shaman


Akasha seeks the awakening of consciousness and spiritual development, the connection of your interior with your exterior. For this spiritual growth we use all wisdom from the first civilizations of Earth and Nature. %Akasha performs group and private spiritual retreats in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. %Participating in this 3-day Ayahuasca Retreat, you can be part of a unique and personal experience. Each group has a maximum of 9 participants and a team of professionals, spiritual guides and our certified indigenous Shaman of the Amazon, who will get us into the ancestral wisdom of medicinal plants. %Ayahuasca used as a form of recreational drug or its use by people who don't have the knowledge is dangerous. The Shaman is the one who knows the exact dose for each participant. That is why we also have an evaluation and accompaniment, which makes it safe always used as a medicinal plant. %Our program is focused on a deep process of healing, cleansing, purification and physical, psychological and spiritual detoxification. %This part of the Amazon rainforest is the most accessible and friendly area for the traveler, being at the same time a unique place for its Kichwa indigenous culture and its great biodiversity of flora and fauna that we will discover. %With us you can know in depth the secrets of the jungle and its people, feeling like a real explorer and connecting with your interior. %The Ayahuasca ceremony is the result of a synthesis between traditional Amazonian medicine, the wisdom of ancestors and Psycho-spiritual techniques that include practices such as Meditation and breathing exercises. %It is our intention that all the participants of our retreat can prepare for themselves an adequate interpretation of their own experience and then a correct assimilation and integration of said experience, which will allow the participant to experience long-term positive effects. %We will share information about some techniques so you can learn and help yourself in your spiritual and psychological training. %Remember that the Ayahuasca Retreat provides an experience of healing, cleansing and purification, and in turn, an opportunity to access the spiritual dimension and an experience of transformation and renewal of the deep and spiritual being.


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