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Inhabit your body & align with your heart-mind

Europe - 7 days
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2 daily Tantra-Kundalini yoga class 2 daily mindfulness meditation / Yoga Nidra practice Silent time / Satsang session on Buddhist psychology Snacks made from locally grown fresh ingredients Free pick up from nearby station or bus stop Daily vegetarian brunch & dinner Free time or excursion in nature 6 nights accommodation


Kundalini-Tantra is considered the Yoga of awakening and during our retreat, you will learn how to listen to your subtle energies, inhabit your body again and bloom to Life anew with a joyful and peaceful heart-mind. %From Pranayama to Yoga Nidra, from traditional Sequences to Mindfulness Practices, we will explore tools and new ways to come back home to ourselves just as we are, with acceptance, compassion, self-confidence, and love. Part of the practice is also gathering and talking through topics or concerns with an open heart and with great patience, supported by Buddhist psychology and Yoga philosophy. %We will also take care of our health by choosing local, soulful ingredients to nourish your body and your mind and make plenty of time to unplug and rest, through walks in nature or by just learning to be, here and now. %Small scale, this retreat is intended to help you thanks to customized attention and teachings, tailored to your body and mind health.


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