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01/12/2019 30/06/2020

Improve your practice and skills in India

India - 7 days
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History of Ayurveda Basic principle of Ayurveda Panchmahabhoot Tridosha Sapta Dhatus Veerya Types of Diet Practical Implementation of Principle in Diet Different types of Ayurvedic Massages Introduction of Panchakarma


Ayurveda Sac Wellness Retreat Center, Rishikesh provides the best course in Ayurveda methodologies, which is an unsurpassed combination of ancient Ayurveda and latest Ayurveda technologies. All the courses offered in our center are well planned and structured, as it is a perfect balance of both theories in addition to practical tanning sessions so that every student who is willing to join our course does not face any kind of hassle.


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