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01/11/2020 15/11/2020

Immerse in the yoga of deep listening

Europe - 15 days
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100-hour sound ceremony training Kundalini & Ashtanga yoga introductions Daily yoga, asana, pranayama, & meditation Ceremonies, guided dance therapy, sacred chant circles Full use of Finca & all equipment A complimentary concierge service 14 nights accommodation Daily meals & drinks


The very ancient art of healing with sound is quickly growing in popularity throughout the world as many feeling the call to quiet down the mind, pull the reigns on their routines to listen, and enquire into a deeper rhythm of life. In this training, you will learn how to journey into a deep meditative inquiry on the source of all sound and from there, you will find many tools to assist in shifting frequencies, healing emotional, and psychological scars and opening parts of the heart and mind that you never knew existed! Come traverse the sphere of your consciousness as Kula Collective creates the space for transformation!


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