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01/06/2020 28/02/2021

Heal Your Digestion Holistically

USA - 42 days
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Learn how to support & heal your digestion Online sessions are downloadable & will be listened to on Soundcloud Online sessions’ time zone: Boulder, USA (GMT-7) Downloadable Digital E-book Instructional Podcasts Real-Life Case Studies Guest Teacher Interviews Mind-Body Practices 6 modules spread out over 6 weeks 30 minutes zoom strategy sessions & Q & A each week for 6 weeks (recorded) Online & live support Restorative recipes 6 private sessions included in DIGEST PLUS


Your digestion is known as the root of your health, yet eating for healthy digestion can be both complex and confusing. Often, the quality of our food as a whole is questionable and the busyness and stress of our culture can wreak havoc on your digestive systems. While there are many ways to support your digestion, the most important path to healthy digestion starts with you becoming the witness in your own body. What works for another may not always work for you. Sue’s guiding philosophy is simple: The way out is always in when it comes to your relationship to your health and your body. Learn to navigate your way inward with a guidance system that will teach you to get to know your body's delicate ecology, discover your body's wisdom, fine-tune your health and repair your digestion no matter where you are starting from. Digest is a roadmap to healing your digestion, rebalancing your microbiome and reclaiming your whole body health.


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