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29/05/2020 31/10/2020

Heal your body, nourish your spirit

Thailand - 6 days
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6 online sessions Each session lasts for 1 hour & 30 minutes Anusaranga Yoga is a style created in Thailand, which blends Anusara & Asthanga The yoga practice is completed with mantra chanting, meditation, Yoga Nidra & final relaxation Bilingual instructor: English & Italian All levels are welcome as it is tailor-made & private Live online sessions will be held over Zoom or any other tools that might be more convenient for you such as Skype Timezone: The Warriors House Chiang Mai is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand (GMT +7). From 09:00 - 20:00 (GMT +7), Paulina Conforto, instructor, is available for class appointments. Can be done twice a week for 3 weeks or as a 6-day intensive course


This is the time to step back from the stress you are experiencing from this whole crisis situation and start to nurture your body and mind, right from your own safe home. Practicing Anusaranga yoga online with Paolina is more than just stretching. Dynamic yoga class mixing Anusara and Ashtanga yoga warms up from the inside seeking spiritual alignment strengthening your body. The class starts with meditation and chanting, and ends with deep relaxation and yoga Nidra. Since the sessions are private and tailor-made, the classes will be adjusted according to your level, aims, and necessities to make sure that you get the best out of Anusaranga yoga!


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