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Go beneath the surface with one breath

Bali - 6 days
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Traditional Balinese yoga sessions Yoga practice led by Guru Made Sulendra Thrilling free dive experience in a safe & rewarding way Certified instructors to guide you through AIDA 2 beginner course program Participation in a Balinese purification Melukat ceremony A beautiful beach resort with a beautiful Balinese design 5 nights comfortable accommodation


In this special retreat, Bali Diving Academy will combine the Balinese yoga practice with a complete free diving course designed for beginners. Yoga means union and is based on the principle of harmony between the mind and the body, freediving is exactly the same: a flowing meditation where the deeper you relax, the more the power of now takes a sense to you and where the more you will be able to free dive. Different types of yoga will be practiced with an aim to complement the freediving experience.


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