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Generate your own possibility for change

Costa Rica - 15 days
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Daily yoga sessions Daily meditation & asana practices Daily teaching practices & discussions Swastha Yoga International methodology & development work 200 hours of yoga teacher training program 14 nights double accommodation 3 daily delicious meals


Discover your ability to be a yoga student and your potential to be a yoga teacher - and the possibility that lies within it all - in this intensive 200-hour program. Swastha Yoga International is based on real, authentic observances of self that gives you the opportunity to deeply understand how you show up for yourself and others - it is this unique framework that sets Swastha Yoga apart from other entry-level yoga teacher training programs. Swastha Yoga International is a fully integrated yoga teacher training program that uses the unique practices of Ayurveda, yoga, and human potential work. Through the integration of these time-honored practices and techniques, you will be able to develop the ability to cultivate a deeper awareness of your whole self, greater range emotionally, new mindsets, and practices that will lead you into new levels of purpose, practice, and possibility.


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