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01/12/2019 30/04/2020

Find the undisturbed mind and body balance

India - 15 days
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Twice daily multi-style yoga practice 2 Ayurvedic massage sessions during your stay Walking & jogging by river Ganga & trekking in Himalayas Participate in Indian traditional ceremonies such as puja & aarti Visit ancient temples & caves of India 3 daily yogic & vegetarian meals 14 nights accommodation


Enjoy a full immersion in yoga, practicing an intelligent flow of asana and multi-style yoga at your own pace. During this retreat, you will visit sacred caves and temples, meet sadhus, watch the sun rise in the Himalayas, sit by the sacred river Ganga, and participate in holy ceremonies. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated having immersed yourself in the sacredness of ancient Rishikesh.


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