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20/07/2020 25/07/2020

Find balance between opposites

Europe - 6 days
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Morning meditation at beach Deep Vinyasa flow & asana exploration Evening Yin yoga meditation & pranayama Kriyas & visualizations that aim to balance two opposites of Shiva Organic vegetarian / vegan breakfast & dinner 5 nights accommodation


Life is experienced as a balance between opposite forces; the Yin-like Shakti and the Yang-like Shiva, the divine feminine and the divine masculine, the moon and the sun, the expansion and contraction; the Spanda. In this retreat journey, you will dive into the exploration of these forces. Spanda can be described as the creative pulse of life, the expansion and contraction of the inner and the outer space. You will move into the practice according to this Spanda, this pulsation, flowing through poses and allowing organic movement and breath to become the guiding force of the yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a more experienced practitioner, you will get the opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice so that will you can feel more in-tune with your own personal rhythm.


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