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01/06/2020 30/06/2020

Feel the transformation through art and yoga

Europe - 23 days
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Daily Tantra yoga practices Shamanic purification lodge & other rituals Practical chakra, yantra, mantra, & pranayama work Integration of art techniques like liberation of voice & heyoke Living in a community with dancing, singing, communication tools YA & YAI worldwide accepted & official certifications Stay in old german community, ZEGG, near Berlin 24 nights accommodation 3 daily meals


Become a YA and YAI certified yoga instructor and unify body, mind, and spirit through yoga and techniques from tantra, arts, and shamanism in a powerful, energetic choreography. You will learn to integrate the yogic and Tantric path into your life, as well as engage in a transformative process in an intimate learning environment. Discover the joy of the yogic lifestyle away from responsibilities, stress, and daily life, together with yogis and yoginis from Europe, Canada, USA, and Australia.


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