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01/12/2021 31/12/2021

Experience a friendly spiritual retreat

Europe - 4 days
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Initiation to meditative Taichi Taoist walks & walking meditation All energetical diagnosing & treatments Transcendental Healing meditation by AtelTrainer (guided or not) Intuitive-Sensitive Healing yoga, Taichi, chi kung training sessions Preparation & training for meditation (tratakka) 3 daily meals, snacks, & drinks 6 nights accommodation Free activities


Join this “non-commercial” reduced friendly and spiritual retreat to give a rejuvenating start to your new year. As you participate in this holistic retreat, you will leave behind traditions and excesses built in by unconscious consumerism. You will experience crossing the border of your mind and thoughts and open the connection of your spirit with the universe. You will learn how to take care of our body and mind using healing yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Tao walking, and meditation. Maximum two participants, minimum one.


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