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Enjoy the mindfulyogi healthy life

Europe - 10 days
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Four available bikes Three daily yoga classes Morning pranayama sessions Daily mindfulness guided meditation Silent Vipassana meditation sessions 9 nights accommodation Three daily meals 5 daily hours of meditation & yoga


If you feel that a change of direction and habits in your life is what you need, if you wish to develop a strong, stable and balanced mind, if you wish to strengthen your self-esteem, your immune system, your body and overall health you are reading on, maybe this is the right place for you. If you want to make yoga and meditation your way of life, understanding yoga and meditation as the search for balance in everything you do and feel, this is the retreat you need. This retreat is not a simple vacation spot or a hotel to spend a few exciting days doing yoga and tourism. This retreat is based on the practice of yoga and meditation as a balanced and healthy way of life, not as an isolated practice done several times a week or a month, but as an integral and balanced way of relating to the environment. We develop this attitude with the daily practice of asanas, meditation, Qi gong, pranaiamas, with the chanting of mantras and above all with the implementation of this attitude of being present in everyday life, where it is really most needed. We offer the right tools through yoga, Qi gong, meditation and healthy and conscious eating so that you can continue at home, in your daily life and develop in the way that feels best for you. This is the desire that moves and moves us, that when you return home you continue to dedicate a space of time, even if it is small, but quality time every day and be able to have the tools to be with you, to accompany you in the way that you feel best for you. This retreat is suitable both for starting to make contact for the first time with meditation and yoga, and for deepening the knowledge and practice of them. This retreat will teach you the healthy benefits of living a mindful yogu way of life, a life from your own centre,here and now even in the everyday, especially in the everyday. You can add or subtract practices depending on the depth of practice you need at this time in your life. Be Mindful Yoga will help you to adapt the practice of meditation and yoga to your physical condition and needs.


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