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20/06/2020 26/06/2020

Enjoy the island’s beauty as you practice yoga

Europe - 7 days
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12 yoga classes Suitable for practitioners of all levels Focus on element of fire with pranayama & asanas Enjoy discovering island’s beautiful places Daily breakfast & dinner 6 nights accommodation


Ikaria is ideal for relaxing holidays, with its beautiful beaches, festivities, hot baths, and in particular, its people. The wonderful climate and the great venue of The Egg studio will bring the best results for your body and mind! Summer is a festive season for nature – a period of abundance, with gardens and orchards full of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Nutritionally, summer is the time when there is the greatest abundance and variety of foods. It is the season when the fire element is active. Joy is the emotion associated with fire, which, when in balance, manifests itself through enthusiasm for life.


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