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01/03/2020 31/10/2020

Enjoy Tantric Yoga and the Power of Breath

Europe - 4 days
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Daily yoga sessions Re-kindle your loving relationship Tools to bring change in your daily life Daily meditation, heart-opening sessions, & exploration into spiritual intimacy Free time to explore & enjoy Algarve Cleansing & nutrient-packed meals 3 nights accommodation Giftbag at arrival


Open your heart and deepen the connection with your self (and your partner) in this private, 4-day retreat. On the retreat, you will experience a personal rejuvenation and rebalance that will upgrade your body and mind. You will be guided through an opening of your heart-space and a deepening of your connection. The beauty of being in a relationship and both practicing yoga is that you can work with the Shiva (male) and Shakti (female) energy. %Your daily work-life often makes us tired, stressed and depleted of energy, we lose the connection with our selves and so with our loved ones. Yet behind those layers of stress, the core of that connection is still there. With guidance, you can penetrate those layers and rediscover the beauty of that connection with your self and share it with your loved one. Over the retreat, you will be guided through a series of Kundalini Venus Kriyas, meditations, and Tantric sessions to deepen love, intimacy, and fun within your relationship. You will also learn how you can heal and recharge your body by using the powerful ancient practice of Pranayama and Ayurveda. %The retreat combines male and female polarities with asanas, mudras, mantras, pranayama, and meditation to generate a strong psycho-magnetic field, through which energy is drawn in a directed positively towards subconscious cleansing and the raising of consciousness, through the chakras to higher, divine consciousness.


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