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01/05/2020 31/05/2020

Enjoy a true yoga fitness program

Europe - 6 days
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Daily Vinyasa flow yoga classes Pilates, fitness, or boxing program 5 nights' accommodation Daily brunch & dinner Pristine surroundings


This intensive yoga fitness week will go from fat burn to strength. Every day will be a new way to firm and stretch your body while raising your consciousness. Your muscles will love the routines so come and kick your own butt by us. Accompanying these activities, you will be seduced with offerings from a Mediterranean fusion kitchen of various vegetarian local seasonal foods with the possibility to indulge in tasting different local wines throughout your stay. Sometimes our bodies crave a little extra time and attention. Caimeli will provide a renewal for each person’s body, mind, and spirit through nourishment, care and a pure form of living. We will be conducting varied fitness activities focusing on cardio, weight - training and abdominal work with Vinyasa and Pilates. The Yoga and Pilates elements will provide you with flexibility, a double calorie burn, and a complete workout. In between, you will have time to recover by the pool, have a massage or go for a hike or bike ride. Umbria is timeless, off the beaten track and easy for one to fall back, relax, and get in touch with the elements again. Walks, rides, and runs through the forests are ideal for clearing the body, mind and reenergizing oneself with the fresh air and serenity of the region.


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