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01/12/2019 30/04/2020

Encourage a healthy lifestyle and self-esteem

India - 7 days
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Daily yoga classes Daily guided meditation sessions Workshops & pranayama sessions Individual private discussion with yoga teacher Rejuvenating walks & swimming/floating in sea 3 daily meals or fasting support (fruit or juice fasting) 6 nights accommodation


Rejuvenating meditation retreat for cardiovascular and immune health. Shree Hari Yoga helps you to relax, detox, and destress with meditation and yoga retreat. Learn to meditate, to sit comfortably, and to listen deeper to your inner self. Learn to accept and let go of unwanted thoughts. %Meditation reduced the inflammation response caused by stress. It slows ageing, helps you to increases happiness, gives you energy, reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate, and helps to boost your immune power. Experience yoga as preparation for a stable mind and the power of concentration and silence in combination and feel the difference in your body, mind.


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