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01/07/2021 31/07/2021

Embrace your inward journey

New Zealand - 4 days
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Yoga twice a day Yoga philosophy workshop Crystal sound bowl healing session Massage therapy & nature walk 3 nights accommodation Delicious meals


Winter season draws you naturally to quiet and introspective practices. Take this cue of nature and make winter an opportunity to dive deep into your practice. Join the annual offering, as this has become a popular retreat for returning guests. In order to maintain internal balance through the shifting of the seasons, it is vital that you change with the seasons just as nature does. On this retreat, you will learn how to smoothly transition through winter by adapting your daily habits, yoga practice, and food choices. Ironically it is only through change that you can stay better grounded through the shifting of the seasons. Embrace your inward journey towards mindfulness, relaxation, and a blissful sense of being.


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