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01/05/2020 31/07/2020

Embark on this unique healing journey

Europe - 6 days
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Daily yoga 6 days stay at retreat 3 ceremonies with Ayahuasca guided by Peruvian Shaman Educational program (2 lectures/discussions about shamanic with shaman) 1 Kambo ceremony, Rapé sessions, & Sananga ceremony Personal consultations


APL SHAMANIC JOURNEYS stands for the traditional approach to sacred ceremonies so in their retreats they always invite Peruvian shaman who they have known for a long time and absolutely sure that he passed necessary training in the way of dieting with a master-plants and isolation for a long period of time in Amazonian jungles. That's why in the retreat you have an opportunity to spend 1-2 weeks in personal communication with the keeper of the ancient plant usage tradition in the healing purpose. You will experience not only benefits of Ayahuasca ceremonies but also detoxicating Kambo session, and traditional Rapé insufflate.


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