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Embark on a journey to a new immersion

Nepal - 4 days
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Now a days many people they know yoga and all have a different style but the destination is similar, Goniyore yoga Ashram has designed very suitable yoga tour for both nature and culture lovers, yoga is a combination in nature with the human body. Balancing your body and mind every day with yoga and meditation at the lap of nature. Meditation and yoga basically are the ancient art of bringing together the peace and tranquility back into the soul of the human body leading towards the sound health too. Yoga enhances the sense of inner peace and raises spirituality along with the flexibility in physical and mental also helping in the smooth functioning of all the human physiological systems. The highly professional Yoga instructor will accompany you during the journey and the expert team of travel planner from our company would take you to the land remote as well as peaceful. The trails could be equally delightful and enchanting with the views of the magnificent Himalayan ranges, hills, rivers, waterfalls, and forests. Meditation and yoga are done in peaceful places.


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