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01/04/2020 31/12/2020

Develop strength, mobility, and stability

India - 10 days
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2 daily yoga classes 3 philosophy classes & one anatomy class Body alignment through asanas & pranayama Course materials (book, yoga mat, cleansing kit) Daily vegetarian meals & herbal tea 9 nights accommodation


This retreat is about a form of Hatha yoga and emphasizes on detail, precision, and alignment in the performance of postures (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The practice helps you to develop strength, mobility, and stability through the asanas. Iyengar yoga can be easily enjoyed without several years of practice. Props such as cushions, benches, blocks, straps, and sand bags are used frequently allowing beginners to experience asanas more easily than might otherwise be possible. They also help injured or ill students to fully enjoy the benefits of the asanas. More advanced students can take their advantage in a better understanding of the asanas through the use of props. There are three unique aspects of Iyengar yoga: technicalities, sequencing, and timing.


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