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01/03/2020 30/11/2020

Develop spiritually and inspire others

India - 7 days
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Kriya yoga sessions Daily meditation classes Mantra chanting & Satsang Learning ashram way of life Sacred temple visits around Rishikesh 21 hours Kriya Yoga for spiritual enlightenment 6 nights accommodation Daily healthy meals


Kriya Yoga is an advanced and ancient science of Tantra Yoga. The aim of Kriya Yoga in order to awaken Kundalini for a higher understanding of life. Kriya Yoga can be practice following the path of Raja Yoga technique of pranayama (vital and pranic energy control). Kriya Yoga reinforces and revitalizes subtle currents of life energy (prana) in the spine-cord and different faculties of the brain. The ancient seers of India (rishis and Gurus) perceived the brain and the spine as the tree of life. Out of the subtle cerebrospinal centers of life and consciousness (Kundalini chakras) flow the energies that all the nerves and every organ and tissue of the subtle body. %The yogis discovered that by revolving the life current continuously up and down the spine by the special technique of Kriya Yoga, it is possible to greatly accelerate one's spiritual evolution of consciousness and awareness.The practice of Kriya Yoga enables the normal activities of the heart and lungs and nervous system to slow down naturally, producing deep inner stillness, calmness of the body and the mind and freeing the attention from the usual turbulence of thoughts, emotions, and sensory perceptions.


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