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01/04/2020 31/12/2020

Detox your body, mind, and spirit

Nepal - 6 days
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Daily yoga practices Daily Various types of meditation Buddhist Monastery experiences Enjoy relaxing nature walks every day Pranayama techniques, mantra chanting, & more Philosophy & yoga postures class 5 nights accommodation Daily tasty meals


One goes to nature for refreshment, peace, and relaxation. Why does nature have this power? It is nature's naturalness. Similarly, people practice yoga or meditation for happiness, peace, and wellbeing. Why does yoga or meditation have this power? Because it purifies body, mind, and spirit. When nature is combined with yoga and meditation, the result is ecstasy! This package is a unique combination of natural and spiritual abundance in a short time frame and will help you regain your vigorous self. You will discover a yoga body and Buddha mind.


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