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Connect with your self on a deeper level

Jamaika - 30 days
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Daily meditation sessions Twice daily yoga classes (sunrise & sunset) Welcome gift package with natural cosmetics, herbs & more Go Natural info bundle with e-books, music, recipes, yoga sessions, workshops, & much more Library with books about yoga, healing, herbs & novels DIY natural cosmetics workshop 29 nights accommodation Snorkeling accessories Waterfall trip


Are you ready to dive deep? Take a full month on the sugar-white beaches of the most beautiful island of the Caribbean to slow down and get back into balance. Enjoy daily yoga, meditation, handmade healthy food to nourish and replenish your body and mind. Relax on a private beach by day, cat nap in daybed, read in hammocks and soak in the sea lagune, sleep in cozy accommodations with the soft lullaby of the sea by night. This retreat is designed to give you space and time to reconnect with yourself. Through relaxation, your body can begin to restore and heal itself, allowing you to reflect on your current life, rethink, regroup and change to live to your full potential.


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