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Come home to nature and feel the calm of yoga

India - 7 days
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Hatha yoga classes Meditation & pranayama classes Ayurveda therapies & Panchakarma detox treatments Prakriti analysis & pulse diagnostic consultation Ayurveda & sattvic food One-day Ganga puja 6 nights' lodging


On the banks of river Ganges and amid lavish greens, here is your chance to marinate in the simplicity of life and bask in the azure sun radiating warmth and nature’s affection. The retreat comprises of authentic yoga sessions, knowledge of Ayurveda, Panchakarma treatments, Ayurvedic and sattvic food and traditional lifestyle – in short, everything you have been seeking to experience your ‘being’. This retreat will rejuvenate you owing to the calming effect of yoga and Ayurveda on your mind, energizing effect on your body, and healing effect of soul connection with the universal energies. Just come and wash away your worries with yoga and Ayurveda!


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