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Cleanse your body with yoga and Ayurveda

Nepal - 15 days
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Daily yoga class Meditation sessions Various Ayurveda treatments Breathing & chanting exercises 14 nights accommodation Daily healthy meals


Nepal Ayurveda Home offers a very golden opportunity to detoxification of body and mind which helps to connect your body and mind. Ayurveda rejuvenates the body and mind then prepares for connection with your own true center of peace which we called yoga. This course has a very good combination of yoga and Ayurveda course. So it’s a perfect way of prevention and promotion of health. They treat physical, mental, moral, and spiritual health which is the best way to achieve liberation from illness and suffering. You can learn and experience the classical style of Hatha yoga, meditation, breathing, and chanting. They invite all peace seekers around the world to transform their life with yoga and Ayurveda.


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