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Change starts on the plate in front of you

Indonesia - 15 days
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1 individual massage 10 raw vegan hands-on workshops Daily yoga sessions with a professional yoga teacher Transforming workshops & traditional ceremonies Take part in guided meditation, sound healing Shamanic journey with a Hindu priest 14 nights in a private villa with pool All transfers included


Embark on a journey that will not only stimulates your senses. Let the magic of Bali take you away from the stress and tension of everyday your life, and find yourself in the middle of the tropical rainforest! Immerse in the indescribable spirit of Bali, which inevitably leads to peace for body, mind, and soul. Just let yourself go. Experience how healthy raw vegan food, yoga, and meditation change yourself in one of the most unusual and breathtaking places in the world. Experience yourself! Discover yourself! Reset, recharge, relax, reconnect.


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