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Certified Ayurveda courses in Rishikesh

India - 7 days
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Daily yoga practice Certification ceremony Ayurvedic nutritional theoretical class Ayurvedic nutritional practical class 6 nights accommodation Daily Ayurveda meals Visit holy temple


At the time, when the body of a human being grows and get mature enough to develop stamina, there should be a proper maintenance of the health, as health is the key foundation for life and it is properly nurtured with apposite time (Kala yoga), perfect balance diet (Ahara Sausthava) and positive temperament of nature (Swabhava Samsiddhi). That is why; the Ayurveda methodologies always focus to sustain the good condition of human's health. Everyone knows that both health and illness are dependent on numerous different factors and food (Ahara) is the most important factor amongst them. Both the herbs and spices have their particular culinary and medical value and the Ayurveda Methodologies teaches you that how to make use of these things perfectly to create a better balance in doshas, to increase the aura of our personality, nutrition absorption, increase your Balla, improve the circulation and digestion system of a human body, hormonal balance and even many more advantages just by making the best and balanced use of spices with the food that you are eating.


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