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01/07/2020 31/05/2021

Because the time to be happy is now

Thailand - 10 days
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Yoga classes twice daily Introduction to Vipassana OSHO active meditations Music circles & compassionate sharing Expressive techniques based on conscious movement & music 9 nights accommodation 2 massage sessions


Come to visit and enjoy eight days of celebration and self-discovery. Walking through white sand beaches, making new mindful friends, breathing the yoga twice a day and expanding your connection to personal self-development through a transformational Awakening & Healing program. Samma Karuna is an international school of awakening and mindful community. Their program provides a holistic combination of activities designed to heal and harmonize body, mind, and soul. At Samma Karuna they are all connected by a common purpose of bringing their light for a better world and actively engaged in learning from each other, including staff, residents and volunteers.


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