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01/03/2020 31/03/2021

An Exclusive Private couple experience

India - 4 days
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Take your relationship to next level! Daily morning spiritual yoga & meditation Unique spiritual teaching with 2 master teachers Unique program tailor-made for 2 of you with 3 sessions a day 3 nights accommodation in deluxe “Bali style” bungalows build on a hill facing ocean or standard beach rooms


Move is welcoming one couple for a deep, exclusive, beautiful, and unforgettable experience. They are calling the seekers, the curious, the tired and those that just wonder “what if….”. Come and discover a deeper you. A more fuller you. A next-level you. Isn’t it time to move BeYond? Unforgettable 4 days together going "BeYond" on the sunny peaceful soulful Patnem beach. Enjoy each other in romantic laid back surroundings. Take your relationship to the next level. Meet 2 modern spiritual masters that bridge Eastern and Western traditions, Tanya and Michael have condensed their extensive knowledge of esoteric matters and spirituality into a simple, yet powerful process, delivered in locations that are themselves powerfully healing and positively energetic. The exceptional energies in Patnem Beach, India (and Tuscany Italy) heighten Tanya and Michael’s own powerful transformative energies; together, the healing resonance created is on par with the very best ashrams and holy places around the world. Going BeYond with the two of them is going to a place where the highest knowledge can be accessed and the deepest healing can occur. Choose between a transformative retreat program or a Tantra retreat program. -You will leave the transformative retreat: *With deeper happiness and a recharged body *With new tools to be the master of your life *With increased clarity and mental strength to see and choose for your soul path *Connected to the source within you (and from where The New is rising!) *In peace with yourself -You will leave the Tantra retreat: *With a strengthened relationship *Initiated into a higher level of consciousness *With tools to keep your love and relationship growing *Released from old habits in the relationship *Having discovered a deeper peace and harmony together


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