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01/05/2020 29/05/2020

An Education in Yoga

Thailand - 29 days
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20 years one-to-one (guru-shishya) learning in authentic tradition of yoga Positioned to carry on tradition of pranayama from legacy of Swami Kuvalayananda in to next generation Led by Paul Dallaghan, only yogi PhD scientific researcher in world to research full effect of yoga practices (upcoming publications 2020) With senior anatomy teacher, Arielle Nash, a leading yoga teacher & specialist in somatics & body mechanics. Acknowledged expert in breath, pranayama practice, asana practice, & science of stress & aging in relation to yoga for modern living Highest level certification by Indian classical schools of Pranayama & Ashtanga vinyasa yoga Genuinely dedicated & committed to practice & teaching Cleansing kriyas & meditation practice & techniques Dynamic core Vinyasa & Restorative Hatha yoga asana practice & teaching 200-hour certificate upon completion to register with Yoga Alliance 28 nights accommodation with daily healthy meals


Since 1999 Centered Yoga’s 200-hour Education in Yoga offers the depth of practice and tradition with modern understanding and scientific knowledge. It stands out as the only clear, science-based PLUS tradition-grounded authentic training on the market. A teaching team with a combined experience of 75+ years in yoga practices and philosophy, health, meditation, science, fitness and body mechanics. Delivering scientifically designed and researched protocols in asana, breath and meditative practice methods.


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