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01/10/2020 31/10/2020

Achieve miracles through gratitude

Europe - 7 days
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Guided & silent meditations Workshops with visualizations & affirmations Discovering any limiting beliefs & replacing them with new ones. Silent time & communication with nature Daily breakfast & 4 vegetarian lunches 6 nights accommodation


Gratitude is a hymn to life filled with continuous thankfulness. It is the ideal way of living against the misery and unhappiness which can be found in our world today. We are born into this life to be happy and full of love. The value of Gratitude is substantial as it activates the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, endorphins responsible for the creation of positive feelings in our brain. If these are produced in large amounts, they can result to feelings of unlimited happiness. Through Gratitude, which is the magnet for attracting all the things we dream of, we can achieve “miracles”. The project includes further thanksgivings to all the energies that surround us; workshops, visualizations, meditations, silent walks and communication with nature; techniques for raising our self-esteem and forgiving others as well as discovering our limiting beliefs to replace them with new ones and identifying goals in all areas of our lives; exercises on mindfulness to increase our churning power; exercises on musical and artistic expressions of talent and plenty more surprises! Do join us and become a beautiful spiritual part of our group so you can praise life through the magical power of Gratitude.


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