A sacred four week journey | Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/06/2020 31/12/2020

A sacred four week journey

Europe - 31 days
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60 minutes live session per week This mentorship is held remotely, on Zoom, email, voice note & text Online session’s time zone: GMT+1 (but is accessible to US clients) The duration of course is 4 weeks The start dates are once per month at New Moon


A sacred four-week journey into the roots of your soul and the branches of your spirit. Are you ready now and truly willing to invite your light? To be in alignment with your divine? To embody lighter and love than you have ever felt before? The work is now, to unlock your own lightcodes within. This is an invocation to activate your soul's purpose, a conduit for connecting more deeply with your guide team, granting the perspective to understand what lessons are coming in for you now. This is the support you have been craving in your unique unfolding. In your spiritual development, that is as beautiful, quirky, and synchronistic as you are. Providing a longer-term option of support and personal development, this online course is 100% channeled for you and unique as you are, for your personal spiritual development over a period of four weeks.


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