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01/07/2020 30/09/2020

A journey through the Chakras

Austria - 5 days
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Kundalini & Hatha yoga classes Meditation & pranayama sessions Finally understanding Chakras & their history A beautiful manual about teaching Important traditional texts Certificate of completion 4 nights accommodation


The Chakras are widely known for a yoga practitioner, but they are still misunderstood. They emerge from the secret Tantric traditions of Kashmir. To really understand what is meant with them, what they are supposed to be, and in which way they can help in deepening one's inner experience, you have to dive deep into the ancient traditions. You will discover a beautiful vision of what the human being is supposed to be. You will discover the Chakras as a road-map of your inner experience but at the same time, you will discover them as tools to elevate you into an experience beyond. Walk this journey with Clemens Biedrawa; a journey to yourself.


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