A journey back to self love | Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/04/2020 31/12/2020

A journey back to self love

USA - 4 days
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7 private sessions, 5 hours in total Online sessions over Skype or phone calls Online sessions timezone: Sedona, Arizona time (GMT-7) & can be scheduled to your preferred time Activities include health assessment, life, & health coaching Basic yoga & other exercises tailored to your level eBook with all contents covered on retreat Non-live activities are self-paced & self-guided


Keeping your health strong and having a good immune system is your front line of defense. This retreat will help you create a healthier lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition, you will learn of natural medicines such as herbs, cannabinoids and/or mushrooms that can help you without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals. Your health is in your hands and you can make a change starting right now.


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