A festival with yoga and BJJ right by the sea | Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/10/2021 31/10/2021

A festival with yoga and BJJ right by the sea

Europe - 6 days
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Gong baths Wim Hoff-style classes Freediving theory classes All disciplines/style of yoga available all day Brazilian Ju-Jitsu classes & workshops Daily breakfast & 2 festival dinners 5 nights accommodation


The Mallorca BJJ and Yoga Festival 2021 is a festival of seminars and workshops throughout the day and night, with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and yoga each covering half of the event. The classes will be presented by teachers from around the world, putting forward their own concepts, techniques, and philosophies about their own practice/discipline in the many on-site event rooms and outdoor places by the warm crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea.


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