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01/04/2020 30/04/2021

A Blissful Journey for your Body, Mind and Soul

India - 6 days
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6 day escape to a yogic lifestyle Restorative yoga & ecstatic meditations Navel balancing 'attuning central gravity of body' Learn to release & transform Emotional blocks Naturopathic detoxification 5 nights accommodation Delicious yogic meals Spa treatments


Set mind patterns can keep manifesting the same situations in our lives over and over, restricting us to a certain set of emotional reactions, such as; guilt, fear, sadness, anxiety, etc. The 6-day retreat takes you on a journey, where you purify your body and mind from the unnecessary physical and emotional stress. An extraordinary blend of Breathing exercises, Mantra chanting and forming spirituous Mudras comprise up the Emotional Body Detox Session. Naturopathy healing techniques effectively cleanses toxins from the body using five elements, attuning the immune system back to its true nature. %Along with all the detoxification, our retreats pay special attention to your relaxation by offering several spa treatments such as full body massages, foot massages, Shirodhara, and sauna baths. Daily yoga practice and guided meditations will provide you with short yet skillful insight on how to heal yourself.


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