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Redefine wellness, redefine peace

Bali - 8 days
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6 yoga sessions 1 consultation session 6 silent or guided meditation 5 Abhyanga massages (1 hour each) 1 Ayurveda yoga stretch massage (2 hours) Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner Ayurvedic dosha determination Healing & cleansing teas 7 nights accommodation


Experience blissful harmony and find your balance with yoga and Ayurveda. Come and visit Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary for an Ayurveda and yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia. Look forward to learning about Ayurveda, get to know your bio energy (Dosha), cleansing and healing Abhyanga massage treatments, rejuvenating yoga and meditation sessions and a remarkable affair with nature and peace. Set in the tropical beauty of Bali, with marvelous ocean views and serene surroundings, Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary is truly a paradise of peace and wellness.


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