How would life be, if your mind would be free? - Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/09/2020 30/09/2020

How would life be, if your mind would be free?

Europe - 8 days
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Twice daily one-hour yoga sessions 7 one-hour evening relaxing sessions 6 three-hour morning mindfulness sessions Experience an integrated MBCT-MBSR course Enjoy some of optional group activities 3 healthy vegetarian meals per day 7 nights accommodation


You may know the feeling of your mind being open, fully present, and full of possibilities while letting life flow through you, those moments of fun, succeeding, or being on vacation. But what about the other moments? The ones in which life doesn't go as planned or you are caught up in an automatic doing mode, thoughts, or feelings? How do you tune in on a space of openness, watching the waves of life, without being thrown in the sea? This is what the open mind retreat is all about.


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