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25/01/2020 31/01/2020

Take a break to breathe, relax, and to refocus

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Daily yoga asana practices Ayurveda & yoga philosophy classes Daily meditation & pranayama sessions Experience beautiful Moroccan countryside Daily spiritual readings & self-reflection Relax & enjoy at private pool Daily healthy vegetarian food 6 nights accommodation


Everyone needs to take a break sometimes to breathe, to relax, and to refocus on what is really important. Finding that stillness can be challenging in your daily, fast-paced life. Practicing yoga gives you the chance to really slow down and to find calmness and balance in your minds. When you step out of your daily life for a little while you start seeing things more clearly and become more aware of yourself. This week retreat will help you to slow down with a perfect balance of stillness, movement, self-reflection, nature, and healthy, nourishing food.


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