Seven Days Water Fasting and Yoga Therapy in Phuket - Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/11/2019 30/09/2020

Seven Days Water Fasting and Yoga Therapy in Phuket

Thailand - 8 days
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Daily yoga Nidra Meditation sessions Pranayama & asana Ice water treatment & water fasting Su Djok session & yoga therapy Some brunches & dinners 7 nights accommodation Airport transfer


Water fasting as a method used to affect physiological processes in the body is the most effective instrument which is harmonizing the work of the body generally. The duration of the program is not that important, it might be one day or one month. Duration of the program is based on the individual constitution of the participant according to Ayurvedic principles. So one person will have a powerful healing effect from the long duration of the program and the other person will have the same effects from the short program of water fasting.


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