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Join us in a life transforming journey

RSA - 7 days
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Meditation sessions Yoga sessions twice daily 1 yoga session on beach The science, philosophy & psychologies of yoga Chakra balancing & breath control courses Daily delicious organic meals 6 nights accommodation


Pathways Country Yoga Retreat is an escape from daily living to a tranquil sanctuary where balancing of mind, body and emotions is attained and nourishment of the soul. There is a deep yearning growing in everybody to become complete within and enjoy fulfillment in life. This is a life changing retreat where you learn through the practice of Traditional Hatha and Ishta yoga, the ancient secrets to discover who you are and what you are capable in daily workshops and yoga classes. The teacher used these techniques 21 years ago to heal her mind, body, emotions, soul and life successfully and now shares them with many from all over the world. Her teachings have recently been proven by modern science as fact and she is humbled by this as an instrument to serve Creation first and foremost. Traditional yoga practices are taught that allows one to adopt a new lifestyle of living a spiritual life in the modern day world. Pathways Country Yoga Retreat will leave you feeling renewed, elevated and enlightened, ready to face the world with a whole new understanding of life.


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