Awaken your spiritual nature in Costa Rica - Go Enjoy Yoga
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Awaken your spiritual nature in Costa Rica

Costa Rica - 7 days
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Daily 60-minute yoga classes Personal hydrotherapy once a day Participate in a cacao tour & workshop Enjoy a 60-minute massage & a mud wrap Transport to & from local hot thermal / spring river 3 daily deliciously healthy vegetarian meals or 6 detox or functional smoothies Naturopathic teas depending on your detox needs 6 nights accommodation


Deepen your enjoyment by awakening your spiritual nature! The unparalleled tranquility and natural beauty of Essence provide you with the space to journey inward, renew, and refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy yoga while relaxing in this nature retreat. This special retreat gives you the opportunity to truly escape and allow the healing green of nature to wash over your whole being. Take walks along their forest trails, lie in a hammock by the pool, enjoy the sunrise and sunset views of the Arenal volcano. Get back in shape with yoga and hiking and have a bit of adventure!


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