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01/12/2019 31/08/2020

Treat yourself with this rejuvenating Ayurveda

Sri Lanka - 6 days
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Daily Ayurveda massages Yoga & meditation sessions A consultation with an Ayurvedic specialist Ayurveda meals for your body types 5 nights' accommodation Herbal tea


The Retreat is a newly opened Ayurveda getaway which will be tailored to your individual needs. The retreat will use scientifically verified therapies along with a food plan for revitalization and rejuvenation. The treatment plan will not only let you experience the Ayurveda massage therapies, but it will also add a wealth of knowledge to your life by gaining insights about your Ayurvedic body type, yoga, and meditation techniques and how to eat nutritiously. Villa Velmarie sincerely hopes you take these lessons home and continue a healthier approach to life.


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